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Friday, September 7th, 2007
3:51 pm
Getting things done.
I'm really exited cos Circa Burlesque are performing our first high profile gig, at Kensington roof gardens. Yay. I've been kicked into a motivated whirlwind of stuff doing. It's all good.
I hope everyone is going to Zoe and Niki's housewarming tomorrow, it's going to be big and clever. And I have to think of a decent fancy dress costume, any ideas?
Friday, August 31st, 2007
2:01 pm
For once
Hey there everyone, decided that I'd actually write a post today rather than just checking in on my friends. Just to say I had a wicked time at meteor camp, met some really cool people I didn't know before.

Everythings going well with the troupe, were performing at Kensington roof gardens next month.

Snakes are all good and happy, Tetsuo the Frilled dragon has a bone destroying infection, so he has to have antibiotics everyday, he hates them so I have to wait till he's asleep, then open his mouth and squirt it down the back of his throat, he half wakes up, so I stroke him and he passes straight out again. He's probably the only Lizard that has dreams about alien abduction. I'm going to stop talking of the animals now, cos you know when your friend has a kid and then all of a sudden, they cant talk about anything else and become a total baby bore, well I think I got reptiles and became a reptile bore. Someone will ask me something about them, then after about 10mins I realise that they are really bored and they don't care about the latest cute thing my python did.

Anyway, going to Big Red tonight for Stuarts B'day, hope to see all your bad selves there.

And I'm setting myself a challenge, to write at least one live journal post a week am doing the same with myspace face book etc. So you all have my permission to nag me if I havn't done it.

Current Mood: determined
Saturday, October 7th, 2006
5:45 pm
Happy now
Was really upset 4 ages 2 of my snakes died and I got quite depressed, on aprevious post I'd been having some trouble with the delivery of a snake egg, well it turned out not to be the last egg and she didn't make it 8day labour was 2much. Then another one died 2weeks later so I've been inseperable from there eggs. They've hatched now, and I'm a Mummy seven times over I'm so happy.
I named 3 of them after characters from Battle royal, We have Zim and Gir from invader Zim and Bubbles because she sat in her egg for 3 days blowing bubbles out of it, and Dykini cos shes so small.

Burlesque thing is going really well already being asked to do 8 girl shows at a regular night, had to put them off till the new year cos I havn't fitted that many of the girls out with their costumes yet. SOOOOOOOO exited about it all cant walk around my place with out tripping over a corset or python and landing in piles of glitter and feathers. I LOVE IT!!!

Current Mood: creative
Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
4:22 pm
Yay we have the final egg
Widow pushed out the egg I emptied for her last night. Yay. she so tired but she will survive now after her 62 hour labour. she's quite a small snake and her eggs were quite large the last one was huge. Feeling quite proud of myself and my snake. My Mum said that with all the massaging the snake in warm water for several hours should have greatly improved my wanking technique. She started calling me "The werburgh wanker". Ilove my Mum, she giggled till she snorted.

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
3:19 pm
I did one of the grossest things ever this morning
Yay my snake laid her eggs on Saturday, but sadly she has an eggbind and the last one is still stuck. after taking the advice of the vet I spent all night batheing her in warm water.

This didn't work, if the egg doesn't come out soon she's fucked. NEVER LET IT BE SAID THAT I DON'T LOVE MY SNAKES. So this morning I stuck a needle in to the egg through the side if the snake and sucked out the contents (without the use of a syringe) so yes with my mouth. 4 hours later all I can taste is raw snake egg, which I can tell you tastes like a cross between raw chicken egg and blood, being as I'm not much of a fan of eating raw egg it's somewhat disgusting. Needless to say I still havn't eaten breakfast yet, and when I finally do it won't be eggs.

Current Mood: but proud of myself
Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
5:31 pm
Glad summer is here
My animals are all pleased that the sun has been out this week, my lizards have been sunbathing on the front deck, the fluffies have been laying in the shadows in the shape of dead kittens, the snakes are still shagging like rabbits, one of them is about to have eggs any day now (she's a rare breed so they will come out stripy, she's also a big slut and is pregnant with the eggs of three different males,so colourful and stripy). I also have a new addition to my menagere, She's a carpet python, very sweet, quite nervous at the moment, so she's quite vocal, she needs lots of love and snuggles which she's now getting, she has a really cute habit of hiding her face under my hair, Bless.

I've been enjoying the sun too, I quit my job at the strip bar this week. Yay! I was enjoying it but its stopping me from doing all the shit I need to do to get my shows together. Like rehursals and photoshoots, I need to get my arse to london more often too.

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
2:45 am
Missing my friends
Busy but lonely, Been sorting out my boat since I moved on to it and have become obsessed with fixing it up but we're nearly there. All the pets are happy, they have increased in number recently, I now have 6 snakes, 3 cats, and 2 frilled dragons, that spend alot of their time on my head, they're really pissed off that I took my extentions out, cos they enjoyed climbing them.

I've also been teaching myself how to sew, so I can make all my own show costumes, So far I've made a stilt costume. Almost finished my workshop with Freaky_Z so she has somewhere to make the metal parts for her designs, and I've teamed up with a friend who makes things with big feathers and damantes.

Been practicing my snake dancing. I start rehearsing shows in a couple of weeks.

Current Mood: creative
Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
11:58 am
I spent most of my life trying to find bits of work, has to be ethical in my eyes, would rather sell my body than my soul. So this year Sally Kameleyan got me loads of gigs, and I got an ethical job aswell doing something I really love, and although it doesn't have the hourly rate of porn, but it means financial security, and a penthouse apartment, (2 things I've never had before). I'm really depressed cos I'm faced with 2 things that I've always wanted, and I dont have enough time to do them both, and my boss has told me no more gigs that stop me from working for more than 2 days, or I'm sacked. I'll be getting an official warning letter if I do download which I cant get out of, so I'm gonna have to tell Sally I cant do it. So I need to try to find a pretty female stiltwalker that can also pierce, and has public liability insurance or equity, to replace me, if your that person let me know, cos I dont wanna dump Sally in it.

Current Mood: rushed
Saturday, April 30th, 2005
5:27 pm
Whitby and Manchester
Was expecting last week to be a really busy one, working on the corset stand at Whitby followed by business meetings around the Manchester area to promote the Xcards. Well I got to Whitby enjoyed the first day, put annoying back pain down to wearing a corset for 8 hours, had wicked night got hammered. Next morning I urinated blood, looked fucking cool, was actually quite painfull, so I have been to the hospital in Whitby, and once I found it's one member of staff who took my details then phoned a local docter to come over to give me antibiotics and tell me that I had a kidney infection (nah really couldnt have worked that one out).

So I spent the next week sitting in front of a telly with about 10x more channels than I have, DVD's, Tivo which is so cool, getting taken out on shit hot bike, by fucking hot guy. Less profitable but more fun, never enjoyed a kidney infection so much. Fun fun fun. On my way back to London on the bike in a minute. Cool

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, April 14th, 2005
2:10 pm
A mate of mine showed me this today, apparently the original has done the rounds but there are some funny edits of the original. we were inspired by the jedi + car salesman sketch.

starwarskid.wmv (this is the original)
starwarskidedit.wmv (starswars edit)
starwarskidmatrix.wmv (matrix version)
starwarskidclones.wmv (my personal favorite, however the original must be seen 1st)
psychokid.wmv (pshyco verson not as funny in my opinion)

in a very good mood today, spent the day decorating yesterday gonna carry on in a minute, feeling very productive. Am going to do the garden this weekend I have decided that my stocks will look prettier with a clematis growing over them, rather than sitting on a 2metre square bit of dirt. I love spring, yay.

Current Mood: bouncy
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
9:37 pm
Managed to get meds today yay I'm feeling almost back to my usual fluffy self. I was a bit worried that I lost it so bad after a week with no meds (was thinking is this what I'm really like sober or something), but the doc says that a reaction to suddenly comeing off my drugs would be much worse than just dealing with my imbalance, and not to do it again, so I'm gonna go get drugs a month before I need to in future.

Ordered new washing machine today, so glad it was rented. My housemates found it quite funny. Phew.

met my new housemate today, he's a Polish bike courier,seems pretty cool and helpfull. We asked him what he would do if we came back from the pub had a party and woke him up? He said he would join us in his pajamas. so he's in.

So happy to feel sane and rational again, thanks to Bluekieran for his support your a sweetheart.

Spoke to my friend Siobhan from Ozland this morning she is taking her final exam to be a paramedic on thursday, and is planning on comming over to see me soon. YaY. I did the snoopy dance. I'm so sad. But happy this is important. Happy happy happy.

Also realised that you have to select public or friends everytime, I make a post so I put out everything. Never mind, I got no secrets.

Badusernametag have fun on the slopes, have you tried snowboarding yet cos I want a detailed comparison of how skiing and snowboarding compare? Also I have a squishy request for you: compacted snow. (would text but seems like O2 doesn't want people to communicate tonight)

Current Mood: motivated
1:07 am
manic laughter
Decided to get out my aggression by doing my housework, in a moment of sanity decided clean clothes would make me feel better. Well the washing machine got it. You have to slam the door to make the lock work. Well I slammed just a tad too hard, the lock worked, and stayed done up, the rest of the door flew open, I never seen a washing machine work with the door open before, stood in bemusement at my strength until the water started flying out. OK washing machine fucked, Rachel manicly laughing. I'm prefering myself now and revelling in the destruction of a rented washing machine instead of some poor cunts face. The buddhist in me is much more at peace (and keeps asking to get out).

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, April 11th, 2005
11:54 pm
Freaking out
spent last week making and putting on fantastic show with Sally Kamelyan and lots of other beautiful people we were plagued with problems I had flu, the cello player had a broken arm the cello had a kidney infection, and the harp player bloke her toe on stage (she pulled that off without anyone realising).

Had not a minute to myself all week so subsequently I havnt been home to the doctors, I need some fucking medication. Spent last week trying to hold everyone elses lives together, like a helpfull little mouse, had panic attacks for a couple of days. Now I'm alone and irrationally angry with the wrong brain chemicals, am hallucinating blood everywhere and hearing the sound of cracking bone it's making me cum, dont know where anyone I hate that much lives though. I have to stay in now till I can get emergency appointment at docs, (were all full today, I explained, they said I would have to keep trying everyday till they can fit me in, cunts,if they tell me that tomorrow they're getting they're eyes gouged out)and I'm definately not going wrestling I'll kill someone, which is why I'm not leaving the house.

I want to be myself, I dont like the crazy bitch that wants to kill people in the most painfull ways. I'm off to drink some blood and try to calm down.

Current Mood: violently caotic
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