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Managed to get meds today yay I'm feeling almost back to my usual fluffy self. I was a bit worried that I lost it so bad after a week with no meds (was thinking is this what I'm really like sober or something), but the doc says that a reaction to suddenly comeing off my drugs would be much worse than just dealing with my imbalance, and not to do it again, so I'm gonna go get drugs a month before I need to in future.

Ordered new washing machine today, so glad it was rented. My housemates found it quite funny. Phew.

met my new housemate today, he's a Polish bike courier,seems pretty cool and helpfull. We asked him what he would do if we came back from the pub had a party and woke him up? He said he would join us in his pajamas. so he's in.

So happy to feel sane and rational again, thanks to Bluekieran for his support your a sweetheart.

Spoke to my friend Siobhan from Ozland this morning she is taking her final exam to be a paramedic on thursday, and is planning on comming over to see me soon. YaY. I did the snoopy dance. I'm so sad. But happy this is important. Happy happy happy.

Also realised that you have to select public or friends everytime, I make a post so I put out everything. Never mind, I got no secrets.

Badusernametag have fun on the slopes, have you tried snowboarding yet cos I want a detailed comparison of how skiing and snowboarding compare? Also I have a squishy request for you: compacted snow. (would text but seems like O2 doesn't want people to communicate tonight)
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