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Glad summer is here

My animals are all pleased that the sun has been out this week, my lizards have been sunbathing on the front deck, the fluffies have been laying in the shadows in the shape of dead kittens, the snakes are still shagging like rabbits, one of them is about to have eggs any day now (she's a rare breed so they will come out stripy, she's also a big slut and is pregnant with the eggs of three different males,so colourful and stripy). I also have a new addition to my menagere, She's a carpet python, very sweet, quite nervous at the moment, so she's quite vocal, she needs lots of love and snuggles which she's now getting, she has a really cute habit of hiding her face under my hair, Bless.

I've been enjoying the sun too, I quit my job at the strip bar this week. Yay! I was enjoying it but its stopping me from doing all the shit I need to do to get my shows together. Like rehursals and photoshoots, I need to get my arse to london more often too.
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