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For once

Hey there everyone, decided that I'd actually write a post today rather than just checking in on my friends. Just to say I had a wicked time at meteor camp, met some really cool people I didn't know before.

Everythings going well with the troupe, were performing at Kensington roof gardens next month.

Snakes are all good and happy, Tetsuo the Frilled dragon has a bone destroying infection, so he has to have antibiotics everyday, he hates them so I have to wait till he's asleep, then open his mouth and squirt it down the back of his throat, he half wakes up, so I stroke him and he passes straight out again. He's probably the only Lizard that has dreams about alien abduction. I'm going to stop talking of the animals now, cos you know when your friend has a kid and then all of a sudden, they cant talk about anything else and become a total baby bore, well I think I got reptiles and became a reptile bore. Someone will ask me something about them, then after about 10mins I realise that they are really bored and they don't care about the latest cute thing my python did.

Anyway, going to Big Red tonight for Stuarts B'day, hope to see all your bad selves there.

And I'm setting myself a challenge, to write at least one live journal post a week am doing the same with myspace face book etc. So you all have my permission to nag me if I havn't done it.
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