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A mate of mine showed me this today, apparently the original has done the rounds but there are some funny edits of the original. we were inspired by the jedi + car salesman sketch.

starwarskid.wmv (this is the original)
starwarskidedit.wmv (starswars edit)
starwarskidmatrix.wmv (matrix version)
starwarskidclones.wmv (my personal favorite, however the original must be seen 1st)
psychokid.wmv (pshyco verson not as funny in my opinion)

in a very good mood today, spent the day decorating yesterday gonna carry on in a minute, feeling very productive. Am going to do the garden this weekend I have decided that my stocks will look prettier with a clematis growing over them, rather than sitting on a 2metre square bit of dirt. I love spring, yay.
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