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Whitby and Manchester

Was expecting last week to be a really busy one, working on the corset stand at Whitby followed by business meetings around the Manchester area to promote the Xcards. Well I got to Whitby enjoyed the first day, put annoying back pain down to wearing a corset for 8 hours, had wicked night got hammered. Next morning I urinated blood, looked fucking cool, was actually quite painfull, so I have been to the hospital in Whitby, and once I found it's one member of staff who took my details then phoned a local docter to come over to give me antibiotics and tell me that I had a kidney infection (nah really couldnt have worked that one out).

So I spent the next week sitting in front of a telly with about 10x more channels than I have, DVD's, Tivo which is so cool, getting taken out on shit hot bike, by fucking hot guy. Less profitable but more fun, never enjoyed a kidney infection so much. Fun fun fun. On my way back to London on the bike in a minute. Cool
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