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I spent most of my life trying to find bits of work, has to be ethical in my eyes, would rather sell my body than my soul. So this year Sally Kameleyan got me loads of gigs, and I got an ethical job aswell doing something I really love, and although it doesn't have the hourly rate of porn, but it means financial security, and a penthouse apartment, (2 things I've never had before). I'm really depressed cos I'm faced with 2 things that I've always wanted, and I dont have enough time to do them both, and my boss has told me no more gigs that stop me from working for more than 2 days, or I'm sacked. I'll be getting an official warning letter if I do download which I cant get out of, so I'm gonna have to tell Sally I cant do it. So I need to try to find a pretty female stiltwalker that can also pierce, and has public liability insurance or equity, to replace me, if your that person let me know, cos I dont wanna dump Sally in it.
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