Mechanicat (mechani_cat) wrote,

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Missing my friends

Busy but lonely, Been sorting out my boat since I moved on to it and have become obsessed with fixing it up but we're nearly there. All the pets are happy, they have increased in number recently, I now have 6 snakes, 3 cats, and 2 frilled dragons, that spend alot of their time on my head, they're really pissed off that I took my extentions out, cos they enjoyed climbing them.

I've also been teaching myself how to sew, so I can make all my own show costumes, So far I've made a stilt costume. Almost finished my workshop with Freaky_Z so she has somewhere to make the metal parts for her designs, and I've teamed up with a friend who makes things with big feathers and damantes.

Been practicing my snake dancing. I start rehearsing shows in a couple of weeks.
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