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I did one of the grossest things ever this morning

Yay my snake laid her eggs on Saturday, but sadly she has an eggbind and the last one is still stuck. after taking the advice of the vet I spent all night batheing her in warm water.

This didn't work, if the egg doesn't come out soon she's fucked. NEVER LET IT BE SAID THAT I DON'T LOVE MY SNAKES. So this morning I stuck a needle in to the egg through the side if the snake and sucked out the contents (without the use of a syringe) so yes with my mouth. 4 hours later all I can taste is raw snake egg, which I can tell you tastes like a cross between raw chicken egg and blood, being as I'm not much of a fan of eating raw egg it's somewhat disgusting. Needless to say I still havn't eaten breakfast yet, and when I finally do it won't be eggs.
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