Mechanicat (mechani_cat) wrote,

Happy now

Was really upset 4 ages 2 of my snakes died and I got quite depressed, on aprevious post I'd been having some trouble with the delivery of a snake egg, well it turned out not to be the last egg and she didn't make it 8day labour was 2much. Then another one died 2weeks later so I've been inseperable from there eggs. They've hatched now, and I'm a Mummy seven times over I'm so happy.
I named 3 of them after characters from Battle royal, We have Zim and Gir from invader Zim and Bubbles because she sat in her egg for 3 days blowing bubbles out of it, and Dykini cos shes so small.

Burlesque thing is going really well already being asked to do 8 girl shows at a regular night, had to put them off till the new year cos I havn't fitted that many of the girls out with their costumes yet. SOOOOOOOO exited about it all cant walk around my place with out tripping over a corset or python and landing in piles of glitter and feathers. I LOVE IT!!!
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